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14.5" Northern Lights Glitter Lamp

14.5" Northern Lights Glitter Lamp

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Bring the wonders of the world into your own space with the Northern Lights Lava Lamp! This vibrant lamp takes color to the next level, using Colormax technology to make the glitter appear as though it's changing colors while gracefully flowing up and down the hand-painted, tri-colored glass globe. It's an absolute must-have for any room in your home! It's a stunning display of color and movement, thanks to Colormax technology and hand-painted, tri-colored glass. Transform any room with this mesmerizing addition to your decor.

    Key Features:

        • Impressive height of 14.5 inches
        • Includes a bulb for immediate illumination
        • Convenient built-in on/off switch

    Experience the magic of the Northern Lights right at home, as this Lava Lamp transports you to a world of dazzling colors and mesmerizing beauty. It's the perfect addition to add a touch of wonder and ambiance to your decor.

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