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14.5” Rainbow Lava Lamp

14.5” Rainbow Lava Lamp

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Experience the full spectrum of colors with this stunning Rainbow Lava Lamp! The "Colormax" technology takes this lamp to the next level by using colored glass to create the illusion that the white wax is continuously changing colors as it gracefully flows through the globe. This lamp is sure to instantly brighten up any room with its dazzling array of colors. Enhance any space with the mesmerizing colors of the 14.5" Rainbow Lava Lamp. Featuring "Colormax" technology, this lamp uses expertly crafted colored glass to create a stunning visual of continuously changing colors, as the white wax gracefully glides through the globe. Bring a vibrant touch to your surroundings with this lamp's enchanting color display.

    Key Features:

        • Impressive height of 14.5 inches
        • Includes a bulb for immediate illumination
        • Convenient built-in on/off switch

    Add a vibrant and mesmerizing touch to your space with this Rainbow Lava Lamp. Let the ever-changing colors create a dynamic and lively atmosphere that's perfect for any occasion.

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