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Blue Glow Flyer Golf Ball

Blue Glow Flyer Golf Ball

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BLUE GLOW FLYER GOLF BALL ( with a 1 1/2" Jumbo Lightstick ) for night golf couldn't be more fun. It plays just like a regular golf ball and uses a jumbo 1.5" glow stick for extra brightness. Glow golf balls even float. The Blue Glow Flyer Golf Ball is a revolutionary way to play golf at night. With a jumbo 1.5" glow stick, the ball provides extra brightness and visibility, making it perfect for nighttime games. Despite its unique features, the ball still maintains the same feel and gameplay as a regular golf ball. Additionally, the ball is designed to float, adding an extra layer of convenience and ease to your night golfing experience.
  • They're popular for Night Time Miniature Golf, Night Golf Tournament Events, and anyone who wants in on Night Golf. Glowflyer Golf Balls come packed with one Jumbo Mini Lightstick. Replacement light sticks come in five different colors. Priced by the individual ball (with 1 stick). Please note:
  • Unlike some other suppliers, our Glow Flyer balls are made in the same factory as our Glow Flyer Light Sticks. Several times each day, our quality control supervisors match sticks to balls to assure exact fits.

This assures that you will ALWAYS get a perfect fit when using Glow Flyer sticks with Glow Flyer Balls. Please Note: Blue and Red Light Sticks by nature are not as bright as Green or Orange and are not recommended for tournament golf but should work well for Mini Golf Putting / Chipping

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