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Fun Central 32 oz. Bubbles

Fun Central 32 oz. Bubbles

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Have fun and dance in bubbles with our Fun Central 32 oz Bubbles. Each plastic tube contains 32 oz. of bubble solution. Perfect goodie bag filler and party favors during summer. Great for Beach and Pool Parties. Sold Individually. Unlock a world of excitement with Fun Central 32 oz. Bubbles! Each plastic tube is filled with 32 oz. of high-quality bubble solution, making it easy to create endless amounts of bubbles! Perfect for any summer gathering or party, these bubbles are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. Get ready to make a splash at the beach or pool with the help of Fun Central Bubbles! Sold individually.

Note: All our bubbles are filled with bubble juice to the top. However, during transit, they could leak due to handling, freeze during winter, and evaporate due to heat. We have found that this happens very rarely but on the occasion, they do we recommend you refill the bottles with a soapy (detergent) water solution. It will work as well as our genuine bubble juice. Since this is a problem experienced by all wholesalers we will not be able to accept claims for credit or replacement of bubble bottles that are not totally full. Thank you for your understanding. Please note: there is no choice on color of bottle shipped.

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